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The Nag Champ Combo Pack includes:

(1) 6oz Jar Candle

(3) 2oz Wax Melts - 18 total cubes/6 total ounces

(2) 2fl oz Air Freshener Sprays - 4 total ounces

Take advantage of one of your favorite The Candle Daddy aromas in 3 amazing products combined in one package!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Love it!

The nag champs combo set is everything you would hope it to be. The scent is wonderful and has become my go to scent. This set is now a staple in my home which smells amazing to be sure!!! This is a combo set you will be happy with.

Absolutely Divine!

I love the smell of nag champa, but not the smoke from lighting stick or cone incense. With the candle and the melts, I get all the scent minus the smoke. It’s wonderful. The throw is great, it melts evenly, & the aroma lasts. The room spray is fantastic! It lingers and lifts my mood every time I catch a whiff of it. It’s such a lovely scent. It’s absolutely worth getting the combo set so you have a variety of options.