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About The Candle Daddy

Making Fragrance Fun 

The Candle Daddy is a man of many talents that has traveled the world perfecting his craft. What is that craft you ask? Making the best damn American made fragrances you’ve ever experienced. With the original flagship candle, “Deez Nutz”, The Candle Daddy forever changed the candle game.


The Candle Daddy, once the craft was perfected, planted roots somewhere in Indiana and went to work.  For many, many years he went unheard from as he toiled and developed some of the world’s great aromatic creations and then suddenly, and with no fanfare, burst back onto the scene with some of the greatest hits of all time: “Blue Balls”, “Morning Wood”, “Well Hung,” and in honor of the original “Deez Nutz” candle the now legendary “Bofa Deez Nutz” candle sprang forth.


Did The Candle Daddy rest on this hugely popular array of aromas and hits? Of course not, when you’re a man of passion and excellence, his job is never over. The Candle Daddy currently features over 300 carefully devised Candles, Melts and Sprays for any and all suitors of scent.


Once again, sadly, The Candle Daddy has slipped back into his Daddy Domicile not to be disturbed and we must all assume he is working on some unfathomable new and exciting offerings.  Luckily, and with much persuasion, he has allowed us to bring his namesake website to feature all of his wondrous candles, melts and sprays for your fragrance pleasure. 


Never seen but often imitated, we hope you enjoy The Candle Daddy as much as we do!

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