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Partnering with The Candle Daddy

Partnering with The Candle Daddy

The Candle Daddy is always looking to collaborate with people and businesses.  Whether it is a partnership with a retail store where we custom design a product for you or we use one of your ideas- we have done it and would love to do more.  The Candle Daddy also does fund raisers.  Often times the particular fund raiser partner we are working with prefers custom labels or more generic candles as The Candle Daddy is an edgy candle company- so we get it- let us make quality candles or melts for your fund raiser and you can control the message while we control the pouring and the quality.  We have done many fund raisers and would love to show you the end results of these collaborations.  The Candle Daddy also does wholesale of their products and custom made products.  We can make a myriad of products for your retail store whether you want to use our branding or your own- it is entirely up to you.  The Candle Daddy is also looking for entrepreneurs that would like to purchase our candles wholesale or use us to drop ship the candles for their website.  Many people are using one product landing pages for products and some of our best sellers may be a good fit for this platform.  We also partner with individuals that would like to sell our candles on the FBA Amazon platform.  Our facility here pours and labels the candles as well as box up and ship the candles into Amazon for you.  You would purchase the candles from us and put them on your amazon and email us labels and shipping instruction.  This option takes good communication and a good fit for both you and us.  Please feel free to email us anytime if any of the above may be of interest to you at
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