Made in USA or Hand poured in Indiana? A question answered.

We get quite a few questions about the difference/pricing on our 6 and 10 oz candles.
Here is the deal.  The Candle Daddy's family (and extended family now) pours all of the 6 oz candles by hand in Greenfield Indiana.  The Candle Daddy sells a lot of candles- more than they could possibly hand pour- so we have a great partner here in the USA that pours our 10 oz mason jar candles.  So there is the story.  All of our candles are made in the USA and all of the 6 oz ones are hand poured in Indiana.  The 10 oz candles are not the exact same scent as the 6 oz ones- so try them all.  All of them are great but they are somewhat different.  A good way to tell if they are hand poured is to look at the label- does it say Made in USA or Hand poured in Indiana?
Thank you for the questions and I hope that clears that up.
The Candle Daddy