12 days til Christmas///Text The Candle Daddy at 317-727-945nine for a coupon code if ur feeling broke...if you have $ just buy a bunch of candles n line his pockets with cash...you'll love this stuff...if you don't love these candles text him n he'll refund you or make it right.///You will get long before Christmas...we ship daily.

Do you know someone that needs a Candle Daddy?

The Candle Daddy is always looking to make someone smile or have a little better day through humor and scent.  Do you know someone that has had it rough lately or for a long time?  If so send us some information about this and how we can help make them have a better day with a candle or a melt.  Maybe we can ship them something for free or maybe we can give you a pretty good discount to help them out via a gift.  P.S. it is unlikely that we are going to send a free candle to a $400,000 house without a real real good reason...this program is to help someone out that really can't afford something small to have a little better day.  Contact us at candledaddy@gmail.com if you are interested in this program.